The Church and Art

Posted on 19. May, 2016, in Art, Church Teachings, Nature1 Comment


At the recent Soul Waves Radio AGM Brendan Staunton SJ gave a talk on the Church and Art talking about how the Church has used Art to communicate its message. He also looked at how art had to adapt itself with the advent of photography. He says the Church could learn from modern and contemporary art as to how they managed to communicate and remain relevant when the camera could take pictures more accurately. He explained how art moved inwards and started to examine the gaze rather than trying to simply represent a picture.

He also talked about how the Church has had a mixed relationship with art. They have often been sceptical of the image but at other times have used it to communicate their message – sometimes even to the point of propaganda. Miriam Gormally met with Brendan to find out more about the Church and Art. He began by explaining how the original scepticism came from adopting Plato’s philosophy on what the Ideal Republic.

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  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    What an exciting interview! I am reminded of the wisdom that in times of economic depression, the arts ought to be promoted. Brendan presents a knowledgeable and open-minded perspective on the church’s need to be open to the history and wonder of art. I found the point about insights in other disciplines affecting progression in art, for example how the eye works affecting impressionism, fascinating. Inter-disciplinary relationships can feed our souls! Many thanks.