Speak Out Part 2

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In the last Census, 78% of people registered as Catholics and a recent survey showed that 93% of parents baptise their children. However despite this, all the recent referendums showed a country very much at odds with Church teachings.

In this second part with Joe Mulvaney, he talks about how we need to separate the core religious teaching from the issues. He says the figures in the Census and the number of people baptising their children and even mass numbers compared to other European countries shows that Irish people still want to engage with religion – that much of the deep beauty of the teachings regarding God’s unconditional love are very relevant and important in their lives.

Joe talks about how he feels that the church is obscuring what is valuable about Christianity by maintaining its outdated views, in particular on women and homosexuality. He explains that the Christian Churches need to unite and that those in positions of power must be willing to listen to those who are telling them that there are problems with the organisation before it’s too late.

The book will be available for purchase on the We are Church website  or by email – speakoutforreform@gmail.com

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