The People’s Angelus

Posted on 05. Nov, 2015, in Church Teachings, Faith and Justice, Prayer1 Comment

Roger Childs

The one minute daily reflective Angelus broadcast on RTÉ One is one of Ireland’s longest-running programmes, having been aired daily at 6.00pm since the inception of RTÉ television in 1962. The images that have been broadcast along with the chimes have also been changing and are set to change again.  RTÉ One has designated one slot per week, on Fridays at 6pm, as The People’s Angelus slot, showcasing the work of aspiring filmmakers and artists in the wider community. Submissions have already come from a number of second and third level colleges, with more expected on an on-going basis. The Genre Head of Religious Programmes, Roger Childs, selected the work: to be “conducive to prayer or reflection for people of all faiths and none.” The People’s Angelus brief also specified that work would be welcome that reflected minority faith festivals, beliefs and practices.

This modernising of the Angelus has met with mixed reactions: support for something new; complaints that it was being watered down and calls for it to be eliminated altogether. Miriam Gormally met with Roger Childs to find out more.


THE PEOPLE’S ANGELUS is RTÉ One’s weekly showcase for aspiring filmmakers & artists. For more information   email


One response to “The People’s Angelus”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    I found this interview very balanced and lovely to hear. Miriam’s questions were deep and representative of many voices. Roger’s answers were inspiring without any trace of a zealot. thank you and well done.