The Pope In Chile

Posted on 18. Jan, 2018, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Feminism/Women in the Church, Gospel ValuesComments Off on The Pope In Chile

The Pope’s recent visit to Chile, in particular his visit to a women’s prison has attracted great support. However the visit has also been marked by protests, even bombings of Churches. Miriam Gormally met with Michael O’Sullivan SJ who lived in Chile to try to get some insight into why the Church has gone from being loved by the people under the Pinochet regime to something of a more ambitious relationship.

Fr O’Sullivan explains that much of the protests revolve around the appointment of Juan Barros as Bishop of Osorno despite allegation that he covered up abused by one of Chile’s most notorious sexual predators. Pope Francis said the allegations were unfound, but despite this Fr O’Sullivan things that he might have taken more care and tact regarding the appointment. He explains more to Miriam.

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