The Radharc Awards

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The Radharc Awards took place this week to celebrate documentaries telling stories that explore Christian values in the spirit of the original Radharc team who produced over 400 documentaries embracing all aspects of life. The stories are awarded honours based on their ability to raise people’s awareness of human rights issues and highlight social injustices. This year’s awards had stories of reconciliation from the Holocaust, the Irish link to Australian aborigines and the plight of refuges in Ireland.

Archbishop of Armagh, Eamon Martin was speaking at the event and he emphasised the good work of Radharc, saying they were one of the most important and successful forms of communication that the Church had produced. He also praised this year’s entries, saying they were keeping the spirit of the work alive. Afterwards he talked with Miriam Gormally about Radharc and communication in the Church more generally.

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  1. Michael McCullagh says:

    Great to hear Archbishop Eamon Martin recall the insights of the Radharc squad and the light they shone on the changing social and religious climate of the sixties and the recognition he gave those who honour their legacy in the film-making world today.