The Web of Life

Posted on 02. Aug, 2017, in Ecology, Environment1 Comment

This piece from March 2005 reminds us that Fr. Sean McDonagh has been one of the first in the Church to look at the issues of climate change.

Here he is talking about three major issues facing humanity over the next 20 years; Global Warming, Access to Water and Extinction of Species. He talk about how different species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, the worst the world has ever seen, and the problems that will arise if these species are removed from the web of life. He also talks about the causes of global warming and access to water and how these issues can be tackled.

One response to “The Web of Life”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    This is the most vital issue of our time. Seán puts it clearly and has been talking about the impending crisis for so long that I can only wonder about my deafness. Of course, Seán has also presented Laudato Si’ very well, where we are reminded of the sacredness of every form of life. Whether we get involved from that angle or only from practical fear, May I begin to take the little steps that really make a difference.