This is Palestine

Posted on 13. Oct, 2016, in Charity, Christian Values, Community, Conflict, Faith and Justice, Humanitarian AidNo Comments

“This is Palestine” is a photography exhibition by multi-award-winning producer and director John McColgan, founder of River Dance. He recently travelled to the West Bank and Gaza with TrĂ³caire to document the lives of people trying to live as normally as possible in the midst of military occupation and economic blockade. Miriam Gormally met with Eoghan Rice, Director of Communications with TrĂ³caire who travelled to Palestine with John. He hopes that this exhibition will bring the problems of Palestine back into people’s consciousness and remind people that the situation has not gone away. If anything, he says, it has become far worse and predictions are that life for the people living in the West Bank and Gaza will be untenable by 2020. He explained more about his trip to Miriam Gormally.

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