To Grow in Love

Posted on 01. Jun, 2017, in Church Teachings, Community, Death1 Comment

To Grow in Love – a spirituality of ageing, dying and glory is a book by Brian Grogan. He says that growing in Love is not something we can do on our own but with help is something that we can be especially open to in our later years. It is a time when things of our youth no longer seem to be so important and our focus moves to questions of meaning and self-reflection.  Brian Grogan suggests that this is the time “We can imitate God – the same way we imitated our parents when we were young – to grow more fully in his love.”

The book asks us to take the “Third Age” seriously as a time to complete our spiritual journey. Miriam Gormally met with Brian Grogan to find out more about his desire to find out what human life is about.

To Grow in Love can be purchased from the Messenger for €12.95.

One response to “To Grow in Love”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    This interview speaks to the essentials of our human endeavors. As I listened to it, I was still planning my day but that niggling question remains around what is really important in life. Thank you, Brian, for this piece of disturbance.