Understanding Vatican II

Posted on 05. Jul, 2012, in Church Teachings, Gospel Values, Uncategorized1 Comment

“The Second Vatican Council never fulfilled its purpose,” claims Ladislas Orgy SJ, the renowned canon lawyer, author and theologian. A key insight from Vatican II was increased participation from the laity as well as an openness to new ideas. Here he talks with Pat Coyle about the revelation of Christian truth and tradition, the changes and interpretations, including the major work that took place at Vatican II. He himself is one of the few living eyewitnesses to the proceedings of Vatican II and says that 50 years on he is only beginning to understand what it was about.

One response to “Understanding Vatican II”

  1. loughlp says:

    A very well handled interview on a very complex subject. It’s amazing Pat got it all to fit in under six minutes. Also, the question about the meaning of tradition was very articulate as was the answer. It would have been very easy to have ran it as a knockabout ‘Conservative Vatical vs. Liberal Catholics’ type of row. Paul