Bringing Communities Together

Posted on 09. May, 2019, in Community, Conflict1 Comment

What in the World, an RTE series, is back for a 12th season. In this two part series, Miriam Gormally talks with Peadar King about telling the stories on the margin. In this first part, he focuses on the very complex story of Israel and Palestine. He looks at people on both sides who want to end the conflict, focusing on the unlikely story of a Rabbi who walks with Palestinian Bedouin shepherds in the Jordan Valley to protect them from the Israeli army. He does it despite criticism and even a knife attack by those who don’t agree with him.

Peadar begins by explaining to Miriam that when he came to approaching this conflict, he wanted a new take on a story that offers a fresh perspective and maybe even new hope.

The shows go out around 11pm on a Tuesday night on RTE 1, but can also be followed on the RTE player. The Palestine, Israeli one is a 40 minute special and will be played on Tue, May 21st.

One response to “Bringing Communities Together”

  1. Fantastic series, much needed spotlight on injustices around the World, well done Peadar and thanks Miriam for highlighting