Unveiling St Oliver Plunkett

Posted on 25. Jul, 2019, in Achievement, Art, Christian Values, Community, SaintsComments Off on Unveiling St Oliver Plunkett

Dony MacManus, well-known Irish sculptor was commissioned to create a dramatic bronze statue of St Oliver Plunkett in the final moments of his earthly life. It was unveiled on July 9th, the 350th anniversary of St Oliver’s appointment as Archbishop of Armagh.

In this interview with Conor Deane, Dony talks about the process of commissioning the statue as well as the work needed to make the statue. Dony talks about his connection with the saint and how it helped him unveil the true spirit of St Oliver Plunkett. He said that he read about the saint and contemplated his life during the development of the image. He feels that there needed to be a connection between him and the saint to make the work truly effective.

He explains more in this interview starting about how momentous the unveiling was.

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