Vincentian Lay Missionaries

Posted on 02. Oct, 2014, in Charity, Church Teachings3 Comments


Founded in 2002, the Vincentian Lay Missionaries (VLM) aims to support the building of a future for those most in need in the poorest areas of Ethiopia and more recently Nigeria. It also aims to highlight the global issue of poverty, to advocate and to support action for change.

VLM encourages lay people to go out to Ethiopia and experience life there working in partnership with local communities. Miriam Gormally met two students and one teacher who had been out to Ethiopia this year, Niamh West, Orla Cashel and Aidan White. She began by asking Niamh how she decided to go out.

3 responses to “Vincentian Lay Missionaries”

  1. Michael McCullagh says:

    Just wonderful to hear feedback from these young enthusiastic VLM volunteers. Niamh and Orla, as students, working with such large numbers of children in Bulbula. (I have actually been to their school and am so aware of the difference these volunteers have made) Aidan tells of beginning teaching in a large shell of a building in Mekelle, in Tigray, which have featured during the terrible time of war and famine. Great to see the creative development from chalk and talk to Powerpoint using the projector. Another great Soul Waves interview.

  2. Well done Orla, Niamh and Aidan! You spoke from the heart and demonstrated a great knowledge of the work in Ethiopia. I hope you touched the hearts of those who listened and that many others are inspired to volunteer with VLM or otherwise!