Climate Change Recommendations

Posted on 16. May, 2017, in Community, Ecology, Health, Immigrants, Natural Disaster1 Comment

The Irish Dáil recently declared a climate emergency and implementing changes as recommended by the Citizen’s Assembly to make Ireland a Climate change leader. Trócaire has been working for years to get Climate change recognised as the emergency that it is. Having worked for years at the coalface of disaster intervention, Eoghan Rice from Trócaire says that climate change has now meant that aid organisations are constantly responding to famine devastated area. In the past a crop devastation or failure would have been an occasional disaster, but with continued unpredictable weather, every years sees new groups of people regularly struggling to survive. Trócaire have been highlighting the issue of climate change for several years now and Eoghan says it is finally starting to hit home to Irish people too that action needs to be taken.

One response to “Climate Change Recommendations”

  1. Clare Gunning says:

    Well done Miriam on doing such thought provoking interviews. It was really interesting and frightening listening to Eoghan Rice from Trocaire talking about the devastating effects of Climate change on people in the third world. And very sad to hear that Ireland’s politicians are so reluctant to move on this issue. Keep up the good work Miriam. Clare