Women in the Church

Posted on 06. Feb, 2020, in Church Teachings, Community, Ecology, Feminism/Women in the ChurchComments Off on Women in the Church

In this second piece with Shiela Curran RSM, we look at the importance of women in the Church and ways in which they can achieve full inclusion. Shiela talks about the important role that women have always played in the Church since the very beginning, highlighting the the first witnesses to the resurrection were women. Adding that she would love to take away some of the terrible images of Mary Magdalen, who was one of the most prophetic woman and replace them with something that would really celebrate the true importance of her role. Furthermore she says the gospel stories show how woman were always at the heart of issues and in the most challenging of spaces.

Miriam Gormally asked her about old practices like the ‘Churching’ of women after childbirth or the lack or ordination of women and whether they point to inherent problems views within the church around women’s sexuality and suitability for leadership. Shiela also talks about her hopes for the future and looks at whether ordination would be enough or whether there is a need to systemic change and to create a church that reflects all of God’s diversity and beauty.

Miriam began by asking her about the role she feels that woman have played in the Church.

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