Helping Children Living with Autism

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Dr Goodwin McDonnell is a practicing GP who along with a great many of the medical profession have committed themselves to help children and families who are living with autism and related life challenging illnesses. Dr. Goodwin is not just a GP but also a homeopath, and approaches his medical practice with an integrative approach where he looks at the whole picture and not just a single symptom. This thorough approach has yielded enormous success rates for children who live with Aspergers Syndrome, hyperactivity disorders and similar related illnesses. The key to his success with these patients appears to be related to treating gut disorders and dietary issues.

On Saturday March 22nd 2014 Dr McDonnell will be speaking at a conference in the Burlington Hotel along with a number of other experts who are also committed to helping children and families living with ASD type illnesses. Among the speakers is the conference organiser Karen O’Connor who runs the Child Development Centre in Galway.

Key to their approach to treating children with these disorders spans beyond just diet but also music therapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy. They place the child living with autism, aspergers or hyperactivity at the very centre of their efforts with a view to helping improve the child’s quality of life.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Dear Dr. Goodwin, I attended your speech in the Burlington hotel in March which I found very helpful. I have a son age 4 & half who has autism, is currently non verbal & has allot of sensory issues. I am in the process of having him tested by the great plains but have not completed the test yet. He is on a GF/CF diet. I am wondering if you feel you could help in any way? as we live in Kerry and my son is not a great traveller hence why I ask. We are also interested in eliminating any possible metals etc through homeopathy and would like your view on this. kind regards, Michelle