A Stormy warning?

Posted on 19. Oct, 2017, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Ecology, HIV/Aids, Natural Disasters1 Comment

Hurricane Ophelia was one of the worst storm to hit Ireland in fifty years. ¬†It is part of a trend of worsening weather involving flooding and destructive winds, which are becoming more common as the climate warms.¬†Professor John Sweeny, lecturer at Maynooth University Geography Department says that it is only the beginning and that we will see more extreme weather with more devastating consequences in the future. Ireland, he says, has not met any of its carbon reduction commitments and is continuing to look unlikely to meet future commitments. He says it is a matter of global justice as well as intergenerational justice and points to the Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’ as an important publication on the moral imperative to act. Miriam Gormally began by asking him whether storm Ophelia might act as a wake up call to face up to our climate change responsibilities.

One response to “A Stormy warning?”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    I had the privilege of having Professor John Sweeney lecture me in Maynooth NUI over thirty years ago. I saw him then as a competent professional. Now I see and hear him as someone to be consulted on this most urgent of issues. His expertise is not to be doubted, as he delivers the bad news in a clear, dispassionate manner. Thank you for bringing him to our notice again. The words of Jesus come to mind…”Listen, you who have ears to hear.”