Becoming a Bishop

Posted on 15. Sep, 2016, in Christian Values, Church of Ireland, Feminism/Women in the ChurchComments Off on Becoming a Bishop


Pat Storey, Ireland’s first female bishop talks about her life  journey from a non-Christian background to Bishop of Meath and Kildare. When she first went to Trinity, she was sharing with a Christian friend as said she wasn’t looking forward to it. Ironically she found that sharing with this woman made her feel that she was missing something in her life and she soon found herself reading the Gospels.

After that she had a great interest in Christian leadership going into social work and later marrying a reverend. Later in life, she began to feel the call herself and was debating with her husband about having two reverends in the house. Her husband wasn’t so keen but then came around and now fully supports her. She begins though about explaining her own journey towards being a Christian and how difficult it is to absorb some of the radical messages of Christianity, such as forgiveness. But says that the main thing is to think about who we are becoming. She explains more to Pat Coyle in the context of her own journey of becoming a bishop.

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