The Women Of Easter

Posted on 17. Apr, 2014 in Christian Values, Easter, Feminism/Women in the Church, Gospel Values, Holy Week, Lent, Liturgy, Saints, Seasons of the Church Year

  The Women of Easter: When we think of Good Friday we might wonder what happened since he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, or the crowd calling out ‘crucify him’ or we might turn our attention to Pilot, to the soldiers or to Simon who helped Jesus carry his cross.  Dr Noirín Ní Riain talked […]

Equipes Notre Dame

Posted on 20. Mar, 2014 in Church Teachings, Community, Faith and Justice, Faith Groups, Gospel Values, Lent, Married Couples

It began in 1938. Four young married couples, rich in their new found love and convinced christians, wanted to live their love in the light of their Christian faith. They asked Fr. Caffarel to guide their search. “Let us journey together”, he replied. The very first meeting took place in Paris on the 25th of […]

Could You Do the Pioneers’ Challenge?

Posted on 06. Mar, 2014 in Alcohol, Lent, Seasons of the Church Year

Could You Do the Pioneers’ Lenten Challenge? (And if not why not?) The Pioneer Association is making its annual appeal to Irish people, asking them to take a short term pledge for the Lenten season which begins on Ash Wednesday 5 March, 2014. They hope that by signing up to their Lenten challenge the […]

Generation Benedict

Posted on 28. Feb, 2013 in Church Teachings, Lent

For the forty days of Lent, the blog Generation Benedict looks at the testimonials of forty different people whose lives have been touched or changed by Pope Benedict. It explores how he has been responsible for the conversion, reversion, vocation and the deepening of faith of many young Catholics. Miriam Gormally spoke with Lisette Carr, founder […]

Catholic Social Teaching

Posted on 28. Feb, 2013 in Lent

During this season of Lent we are reminded of how much we have and to think of those less well off. This is a topic that was very close to Pope Benedict’s heart and he wrote critically of capitalism and the need for the goods of the world to be shared more equally. Miriam Gormally […]

Moderation in Lent

Posted on 04. Mar, 2009 in Addiction, Alcohol, Lent, Seasons of the Church Year

‘I’m off the drink for Lent’ is something we hear at this time of year, but for those for whom that it just too difficult – drinking in moderation is being encouraged.  Some people try to abstain during the week and have a drink at the week-end.  Marian Rackard addiction counsellor and psychotherapist working with […]

Pioneers & Lent

Posted on 18. Feb, 2009 in Alcohol, Lent, Seasons of the Church Year

Lent is a time for reflection and looking at our lives. It is also a time to think of the things that we could do without. And one thing that we could all reduce is alcohol. Mícheál O Muirceartaigh is a well-known football commentator who has been a pioneer all his life and this year […]

Trocaire’s Lenten Campaign 2009

Posted on 18. Feb, 2009 in Charity, Lent, Seasons of the Church Year

Trocaire are launching their Lenten campaign again this year and we will soon be seeing the familiar Trocaire boxes in schools and homes around the country. However will we be as generous this year, now that we have our own difficulties to face with? Pat Coyle met Eamon Meehan from Trocaire to find more. She […]

Celebrate Lent

Posted on 18. Feb, 2009 in Lent, Seasons of the Church Year

Redemptorist Fr. Wadding is a regular contributor to ‘Reality’ Magazine where he has written several times about Lent, its origins and its traditions.  Eileen Good asked him about the importance of this Season and if we should use the word ‘celebrate’ when talking about Lent.

Is Lent Relevant?

Posted on 20. Feb, 2008 in Lent, Seasons of the Church Year

As we continue through Lent, we look at some of the ‘to do’ things rather than the ‘giving up’ things and see what can make Lent a positive experience.  Eileen Good spoke to Jesuit Fr. Ciaran Quirke and started by asking him about the relevance of Lent today.