Celebrating Eastertide

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Walking to Emmaus
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Eastertide is the period of fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. Celebrated as a single joyful feast, known as the “Great Lord’s Day”, it is one of the most exciting times in the Church, so says Luke Macnamara OSB, monk of Glenstal Abbey and lecturer in Sacred Scripture in St Patrick’s College. He looks at how it starts on Easter Sunday morning, the most important day of the year for the Church, with the gospel reading where Mary Magdalene goes to the empty tomb. He emphasises that Mary is the first witness to the resurrection and that she was known as the the Apostle to the Apostle, conveying an extraordinary dignity on her, and offering, he says, hope for the great potential place and role for women in the Church. Marie Stuart explores this sacred Easter time with him and also asks why Lent is often more known about and acted upon than the great celebration of this Easter Season, which bringing the gifts of the Holy Spirit along with great celebrations.

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  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    I find this interview nourishing. That real sense of new life as a result of personal prayer is a key to what being Christian is all about. There is real engagement in the pace of this interview and how questions did not seem to be pre-planned but rather emerged from the conversation. Many thanks.