Celebrating Youth 200

Posted on 12. Sep, 2019, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community, VocationComments Off on Celebrating Youth 200


Youth 2000 is a Catholic youth organisation that organises lively faith festivals, retreats, prayer groups and other events for young people aged 16-35 across the island of Ireland. Peter Sands, a Youth 2000 leader and secondary school teacher, spoke with Conor Deane from his office in Maynooth about the new year ahead and the 16 events they have planned. Youth2000 recently staged its annual Summer Festival in Clongowes Wood College which was one of their best attended ever with well over 1000 young people in attendance.

Here another volunteer Laura Kelly and Peter Sands also discuss how they came to join Youth2000 and why they enjoy it so much. They organisation has been around for 30 years and do a massive amount of outreach at masses and on the street,  but Conor put it to Peter that not everyone is aware of how much work goes on with the youth in the Church.

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