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“If we learn one thing from this global recession, it’s that we’ve got to change the way we do business”. So says consultant Paul Davis in his just published book EVOLVE – Look within yourself for Business Success. Davis says, “Profit can no longer be the sole focus of business, it’s only one factor. Core values like a sense of community, sharing, openness and authenticity, have to be part of the deal.” An accountant by training, Davis has worked in ‘turnaround situations’ with many Irish companies before and during the recession with a one hundred per cent success rate. Here he talks to Pat Coyle about his work and his insights.

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  1. Michael McCullagh says:

    Thank you, Pat for this interview. I have met with a few recently who are developing a spirituality for the workplace, among them Margaret Benefield.

    Interest in Soulwaves is increasing daily and again, thank you.

    Miriam, kindly pass on comment to Pat