Responding to Hurricane Irma

Posted on 14. Sep, 2017, in Church of Ireland, Climate Change, Ecology, Environment, Natural DisastersComments Off on Responding to Hurricane Irma

Rector Eileen Cremin, Church of Ireland minister in Fermoy, talks about her family who are living in Antigua and the aftermath of hurricane Irma which devastated thousands of islands across the Carribean. She talks about how the neighbouring island Barbuda was completed destroyed, but how Antigua managed to escape the worst of it.

When Hurricane Irma initially hit there were power cuts, so she was unable to get any information about her relations for several days, but was then relieved to discover that they had all been unharmed. Here she talks with Miriam Gormally about how the people from Barbuda currently living in Antigua will go about putting their lives back together. They also look at how people can help in the future and the imperative on all of us to make a difference. They discuss the aid that the international community can give as well as looking at the need to find climate change solutions to prevent our weather from becoming any more devastating.

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