Forgive us our sins

Posted on 23. May, 2013, in Charity, Church Teachings, Community, Faith and Justice1 Comment

“Forgiveness is the most difficult thing in the whole world,” says Michael McCullagh CM, Spiritual Director in Maynooth College. Yet it is one of the central tenets of Christianity. So how do we find the strength to achieve it? Fr. Michael tells the story of one woman who found it within herself to forgive a man whom she says, “ruined her childhood” and talks about the release from anger it gave her.

Miriam Gormally put it to Fr. Michael that forgiveness is not a very popular word in the media today and that we rather talk about bringing people to justice.

One response to “Forgive us our sins”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    I really feel moved by the hope this interview gives. Forgiveness can seem inattainable at times, yet, as we hear from Fr Michael, it can be liberating, once we take that risk to try it out. The exercises he suggests seem to be powerful, even hearing them has helped me.