Supporting the Climate Strikers

Posted on 03. Oct, 2019, in Community, Ecology, EnvironmentComments Off on Supporting the Climate Strikers

Don Mullan, is a long time author and activist. He has written extensively about the troubles in the north and is now very involved in the climate change movement, which he sees as the great civil rights movement of our times. He is also a spokesman for the Society of African Missions (SMA), who are involved in regenerating Africa’s green wall, which when completed, will span 13 countries. It will measure 8,000km long (4,970 miles) and 15km wide (nine miles).

He talks about the excitement around Greta and draws links between her and other great leaders who stepped up in times of trouble. He explains why he was so emotional when he saw the large numbers of children that turned out for the strikes. And why he believes the politics of the next generation will be based on the future rather than the politics of the civil war.

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