The end of All Hallows

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All Hallows

 All Hallows, a college which was set up in 1842 as a seminary, is to close.  Miriam Gormally met with Carolanne Henry the Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations Marketing said that the decision was made with  “with huge regret and deep sadness”.

She added that “the college, which is not in receipt of State grants had struggled to survive.” She was particularly saddened that the “ALBA, the Adult Learning BA might be lost as it was unique to the college” and hoped “that there might be some way to at least save that course.”

Miriam Gormally also met with pupils past and present from the college as well as the Assistant director of ALBA the Adult learning BA.

One response to “The end of All Hallows”

  1. Odemena K Nwamara says:

    Hallows oh Hallows, how is the mighty falling! Has sufficient sources of sustenance been explored? Anyway, anchor your solace in Ecclesiastes 3:1 “there is time for every purpose under heaven”. God bless your spirit.