The Synod on Divorce

Posted on 16. Oct, 2014, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community, FamilyComments Off on The Synod on Divorce

Pat coyle

The Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin said before going to the Synod in Rome, that “The situation of Catholics who are divorced through no fault of their own, but were still denied Communion, should be among issues addressed by bishops.” He questioned “How you go about bringing a more merciful attitude to people who find themselves, particularly through no fault of their own, in a difficult (divorce) situation?” Miriam Gormally spoke with Pat Coyle, a lecturer in the Milltown institute who has been through divorce. Her life experience has given her insight into what she believes needs to be discussed at the Synod. She also explains that even with divorce, people are still called to live their vows with what grace they can.

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