Who Was St. Patrick?

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Shamrock - often the symbol of Ireland and The Holy Trinity

St Patrick? When you think of St Patrick and St Patrick’s Day what comes to mind for you?
Are you exercised by our politicians flying around the world to represent us and promote our
country? Do you perhaps think of family members or friends who are away from home at
this time, maybe very far away from home? Maybe you feel lonely or nostalgic or indeed
maybe you are ready for a great weekend of celebrations. Meantime spare a thought for St
Patrick; what image of Patrick do you have?
Thomasina Finn rsm has been deeply immersed in Celtic Christianity for many years. Marie
Stuart asked her who exactly St Patrick was.

2 responses to “Who Was St. Patrick?”

  1. loughlp says:

    Fascinating interview with insights into the ancient mind. Must read the Confessio. It’s interesting to note that we know far more about St. Patrick than many of the saints. Paul

  2. Rosaline says:

    Lovely listening to you sharing about St. Patrick – it was so informative and inspiring – and brought back many memories of the story of St. Patrick.

    Thank you and blessings on your ministry.