All God’s Creatures

Posted on 28. Dec, 2017, in Church of Ireland, Church Teachings, Community, Ecology, Faith and Justice1 Comment

A blessing for Peata dogs and all animals was held in Christ Church Cathedral earlier in December. Previously we heard from Lesley Rue who organised the first service in Christ Church. Miriam Gormally also spoke with Dean Dunne to find out more about the Christian attitude towards all animals and why, like St Francis, he considers we should have respect for them and see them as close to God.

The Dean also highlighted an old Irish maxim which says that how we treat animals and our environment will ultimately lead to us behaving in the same way towards those around us. Miriam also asked him if that extended to the animals that we eat. Dean Dunne began by explaining about the origins of the animal blessing.

One response to “All God’s Creatures”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    A beautiful interview with Dermot. Many thanks to him and to Soul Waves Radio for bringing this subject into wider awareness.