Dominican Ecology Centre Wicklow

Posted on 11. Apr, 2014, in Church Teachings, Community, Ecology1 Comment

Conor Deane went to speak with Sr Marian O’Sullivan in the Dominican Convent in Wicklow about the work they do within the Ecology Centre.

An Tairseach, is the Irish word for threshold and it suggests a new beginning, an alternative and more sustainable way of working with the land as well as a renewed relationship with the whole community of life, human and non-human.

Three main aspects of An Tairseach are:

  • A Centre for Ecology and Spirituality
  • An Organic Farm and farm shop
  • A Conservation Area suitable for field studies

    Sr Marian shares her vision for not just the centre but also her own faith and that of those who come to visit and stay at the centre to deepen in their faith and move towards a greater appreciation for the divine by a renewed sense of understanding the beauty of God’s works around us in the form of creation both of human nature and of nature itself.

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  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    It was lovely to hear Marian again on this vital topic. The sense of the interconnectedness of An Tairseach was evident; an approach we all need to life as a whole. To see God throbbing within everything is an uplifting reflection for me today and I thank Marian for this.