Out of Wonder

Posted on 09. Jul, 2015, in Christian Values, Climate Change, Community, EcoCongregations, Ecology, Economy, Environment, Health, Nature1 Comment


Nellie McLoughlin rsm has worked all her life in the area of cosmology, ecology and sustainable living. Her love of life and her early interest in geology/geography, was nurtured through learning and reflecting on life’s experience. She taught on the MA in Ecology and Religion Programme at Dalgan Park, Navan, Ireland.

Her book ‘Out of Wonder’, look at life in the Universe from its initial ‘flaring forth’ to the present day; in so doing, she presents a passionately-argued case for the need to care for the Earth, which has supported life for aeons. Miriam Gormally met her at an event organised to celebrate the publication of Laudato si, the new encyclical letter from Pope Francis to talk about her response to caring for our common home.

One response to “Out of Wonder”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    I just love this interview. To hear Nellie talking about our need to go inwards is so sound and refreshing. The crisis of the Earth is such that I am inclined to think in terms of doing the big thing that can be beyond me. Being led from an inner space it will be easier to forge a new tomorrow. May we go forward in the consciousness Nellie talks about – that we are all interconnected – we are one.