Carbon Fast for Lent

Posted on 27. Feb, 2020 in Christian Values, Climate Change, Community, EcoCongregations, Ecology, Environment, Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, Nature

Lent is a time to draw connections between our spirituality and the ecology around us, so says, Brendan McManus SJ, who has been exploring meaningful ways in which to make a difference this Lent. After some searching, he came across the idea of a carbon fast for Lent. However he says that the most important […]

Women in the Church

Posted on 06. Feb, 2020 in Church Teachings, Community, Ecology, Feminism/Women in the Church

In this second piece with Shiela Curran RSM, we look at the importance of women in the Church and ways in which they can achieve full inclusion. Shiela talks about the important role that women have always played in the Church since the very beginning, highlighting the the first witnesses to the resurrection were women. […]

Caring for our Common Home

Posted on 30. Jan, 2020 in Christian Values, Ecology, Feminism/Women in the Church

February begins with St Brigid’s day, the patron saint of ecology reminding us of our need to live sustainably and in harmony with nature. In this piece Shiela Curran RSM talks about the importance of ecology and how Laudato Si’ helped to change our spiritual vision of the world around us. Sheila’s ministry and research […]

Responding to the Environment

Posted on 07. Nov, 2019 in Achievement, Christian Values, Ecology

The meeting for the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazonian region brought for several important proposals. Most of the attention went to the issue of married clergy and female deacons, but they also took a very hard look at the environment and our planet’s future. In this second part of our series with Colm Holmes, […]

Celebrating St. Francis

Posted on 24. Oct, 2019 in Achievement, Christian Values, Ecology

The feast day of St Francis, patron saint of animals and the environment, is celebrated in October. In this interview with artist Eve Parnell, we look back on some of the ways that artists have celebrated and depicted St. Francis over the years. We also look at the connection between him and the current Pope […]

Supporting the Climate Strikers

Posted on 03. Oct, 2019 in Community, Ecology, Environment

Don Mullan, is a long time author and activist. He has written extensively about the troubles in the north and is now very involved in the climate change movement, which he sees as the great civil rights movement of our times. He is also a spokesman for the Society of African Missions (SMA), who are involved […]

Theology for Climate Justice

Posted on 26. Sep, 2019 in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community, Ecology

The recent Climate Strikes saw millions of children joined by adults to strike for a better future. In this second part of our story, Dr Lorna Gold author and specialist in International Development and vice-chair of the Global Catholic Climate Movement looks at some of the theology that could support the strikes, in particular Laudato Si’. In […]

Marching for the Future

Posted on 19. Sep, 2019 in Achievement, Caring for Children, Christian Values, Community, Ecology, Humanitarian Aid

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our generation – we hear it all the time. It has almost become a refrain. But, asks Dr Lorna Gold author and specialist in International Development, do we really believe it? And are we willing to act on it. This week, from Sept 20-27th, there will be a […]

Climbing Croagh Patrick

Posted on 11. Jul, 2019 in Achievement, Christian Values, Community, Ecology, Retreats, Spiritual, Spirituality

Brendan McManus SJ, author of the best-selling book, Redemption Road is organising a three day pilgrimage from Ballintubber to the top of Croagh Patrick specifically for men as he says there aren’t enough opportunities for men to get in touch with their feelings. Brendan is a seasoned pilgrim who has walked the full 800km of […]

Eco Congregation Ireland

Posted on 30. May, 2019 in Ecology, Environment, Faith and Justice

The government recently declared a climate emergency and the Green Party also had a massive bump in the elections. Eco Congregation is an environmental programme which seeks to find the link between the environment and faith and is open to all Christian denominations throughout Ireland and Britain.  It developed through a partnership between the Churches […]